Battery Tips

How to fill the battery with distilled water
You see car batteries comprise of lead cell block which reacts chemically to concentrated acid, thereby creating electricity. However, if the acid is too concentrated the reaction will be too strong causing overheating and even explosion. If it too diluted, the reaction will not create sufficient electricity. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the proper acidity level.

How to do maintain the acidity level?
Normally, the battery we purchase already has balanced acidity level. When it's been used for a while, the acid will eat into the lead, creation of heat and gases. The evaporation of heat and gases the acidity level to become more concentrated and therefore the right amount of distilled water has to be filled in to dilute the acid. when you overfilled the battery, you inadvertently allowed the acid inside the battery to spill out as well, thereby disrupting the balanced acidity level.

How do we know what is the proper amount of distilled water to be filled up?
In fact, at the front or side of the battery, there is a line indicating the paper amount of distilled water required. But if the battery is attached to the vehicle or the battery is translucent. It may be difficult to spot; another way is to open the battery cap and check the distilled water marker. Fill it up just to the marker, so when you close the cap the distilled water does not overflow. If you fill over the line, not only distilled water but also acid will spill over, thereby creating damage to the car's engine.

How to check the water level in Low Maintenance (LM) Battery
The inside of the battery comprises of lead cell clocks as well as concentrated acid and distilled water which evaporate upon usage. You have to check the level of distilled water constantly. Notice: Things you have to look out for when filling up the distilled water as follows; - Open the cap, turn it over before laying it down. So It doesn't get stained by oil or grime and fill up the proper amount of distilled water. Do not overfill it otherwise the concentrated acid will be too diluted in turn decreasing electric power to the engine.

How to check the distilled water level in Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Battery
You need to know that each battery is divided into six parts. In one of the parts, you can see the glass marble, or what's known as the cat's eye. This marble acts like a floater, so when the water is full, it shows the green side and when the water level decreases it slowly turns and shows us another color.

How to usually maintenance for Low Maintenance (LM) Battery
The new battery, distilled water should be filled up once a month but if the battery has been used for 6-8 months the distilled water should be refilled every two weeks and if the battery is over one-year old, weekly maintenance and refill is recommended. It's also advisable to clean the battery cap every time you refill distilled water. Just using some warm to rinse off the dust will do.